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black blazer | pencil dress | grey suede heels | selma tote

There is one wardrobe essential every girl should own and that’s a great blazer.  A great blazer can take you from a casual to corporate in seconds.  I always ensure, even on more casual days in the office to have a great blazer either with me in the office or in my car in case of an urgent meeting where I need to put your best foot forward on short notice!  Surprisingly enough, I purchased this blazer several years ago from H&M for $25 and it has served me well.  I love how its not too formal so that I can still pair it with a pair of jeans but can easily be paired with a shift dress such as above to create a suited look.   To add some interest to an all-black look, I’ve worn one of my all-time favourite grey, suede heels from Zara which I’ve had for years and are so comfortable.  I’m a huge fan of Zara heels – I think they are great value for the quality and price (I think this pair was just $69!).  I’m also wearing my Michael Kor’s Selma in Medium Black.  I originally purchased the Selma tote to be paired with this style of outfit and as you can see it accessorizes beautifully with a formal, corporate look.  I’m currently in the process of writing a review on the MK Selma which may be of interest to anyone looking to purchase this style of tote.

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