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weekend musings

Weekend Musings No. 5

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I feel like I could say this at the end of almost every week but this past week, in particular has just flown by so fast!  There is so much happening both in my personal life and at my work that is keeping me focused and busy!  Whilst there’s been a few tough moments, I’ve been throwing myself 100% into my work and the rewards are showing!  On Friday evening, I successfully hosted my very first drinks party which was less stressful than expected.  Having the company CEO come up and shake hands and thank me for putting it together made the night totally worth it!  That being said, I couldn’t have done it without the incredible support of two wonderful ladies that I get to work with on a daily basis.

As mentioned in my last Weekend Musings post, my work has moved into the city and I’ve completely surprised myself by really loving the buzz that city life brings.  I’m a die-hard country girl at heart, so working in the city everyday wasn’t my cup of tea (so I thought!) but so far its been fun and challenging.  I’m loving the amazing selection of cafe’s and restaurants that our city has to offer!  If you are a reader from Melbourne or you’ve visited Melbourne and know a great cafe or restaurant, I’d love it hear it in the comments below!

I hope you all have successful week ahead!  As usual, here’s a round-up of things I’ve been loving of late…

LIVING ABUNDANTLY |  I found myself nodding “YES!” to every line in this article by Hillary Barnett and couldn’t wait to share it with you: How to Live an Abundant Life.  Lately, I’ve been making a conscious effort to re-train my thoughts to see circumstances (however unfortunate or unplanned they may be) in a positive light and I’ve been putting into practice some of Hillary’s ways to practice awareness in my daily routine.

YOGA | No joke, I’ve been under a ton of stress of late so the first thing I turned to was yoga.  I’ve been a huge fan of Yoga with Adrianne for ages but this tutorial in particular has been so helpful in helping me practice mindfulness and slow my mind down at the end of a long day.

QUOTED | ‘Happiness is not a goal…it’s a by-product of a life well lived.’ – Eleanor Roosevelt

HIS STYLE | I’m totally digging this preppy, summer look right here (and here) with a bonus shop-able link below!. Now all I have to do is find a guy who I can dress like this, right?!

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Weekend Musings | No. 4

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What a crazy week it’s been!  In fact, when I arrived at work yesterday and realised it was the 1st of July, I almost fell of my chair!  I keep asking myself, where did June go?

The end of financial year is always a busy time at my workplace, coupled with several other changes happening including my workplace moving locations next week.  As an Executive Assistant, I’m one of the “Change Champions” which pretty much means getting everyone excited and organised about relocating office.  With the Big Move Day only a week away, so I’m really looking forward to getting settled into a new workplace.

Here’s a handful of things I’ve also been loving this past week!

QUOTED | “When a defining moment comes along, you can do one of two things. Define the moment, or let the moment define you.” – Unknown

SHOP | a few months ago, I mentioned I was on the hunt for a beautiful winter coat.  Well, I found the One.  It’s definitely not the style that I’d usually pick but after some encouragement from lovely ladies at Cue, (and trying it on multiple times!) I caved!  It was the last one they had in stock in a beautiful, rich caramel colour. I always choose black when buying my winter coats, but this time I went for a different colour, that’s still a neutral and I absolutely love it!  I’ve received so many compliments (even from stranger’s walking down the street!) when wearing it out.  No doubt, you’ll see it regularly appearing in upcoming blog posts!

READ | I’ve read Shannon’s blog, The Simply Luxurious Life for many years now.  She has a beautiful ability to write such beautiful, inspiring posts.  I recently read, Why Not…Embrace Mini Summer Resolutions and whilst its definitely not summer here in Melbourne, I can certainly embrace some winter resolutions.  Have a read, over here and be inspired!

HOME | whilst owning and decorating my own home is many years away, one can always dream and begin in small places (such as my one-bedroom apartment!).  I’m absolutely loving this look which I re-pinned on Tumblr (if you don’t follow me already, you should!).  I love neutral coloured walls, contrasted by the dark wooden floors and the mixed-matched photo wall behind the desk.

WANDERLUST | I must follow a lot of Canadian bloggers, because everywhere I’ve been seeing Happy Canada Day popping up on my feeds (including, Tim Hortons Snapchat filter) and it led to me searching for Canadian images on Pinterest and #ohmygoodness! I cannot believe how beautiful the country is!  Perhaps, I need to tack this destination onto my travel bucket list?

Hope y’all have an wonderful week ahead! xx


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Weekend Musings No. 3

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I hope your week so far has been successful and in the words of my Dad, you’re “kicking some goals”!  As far as I can tell, this week is flying by as I’m already making plans for the weekend which is always a great sign that it’s not too far away!  Here’s a roundup of just a few things I’ve been enjoying this weekend…

QUOTED | “There are pruning seasons in life and there are growing seasons. When I look back on my life, I can tell the greatest growth comes right after you get cut back.” – Donald Miller

DOMESTICATED | I’m always on the hunt for easy ways to keep my apartment neat and tidy.  I recently pinned this neat list to keep a home looking clean with daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal to-do’s that are fuss free and easy to get done.  I’ve already started using the daily list before I go to bed and it’s working well so far!

ROYALTY | If you’re a long-time reader of this blog you’ll know I’m a huge royal fan, especially when it comes to Princess Mary of Denmark.  I was most excited when Mary recently stepped out in this stunning black, brocade dress from H&M’s Conscious Collection. I think it’s so dreamy with the gorgeous pleats, brocade fabric and modern hemline – what’s not to love, right?  In another kingdom, not far from Denmark, the newest Prince of Sweden posed with his (very) proud parents, Prince Carl Philip and his wife Princess Sofia to celebrate Carl’s 37th birthday. So classy!

FRAGRANCE | Apparently, Marc Jacobs recently launched his first “mature” perfume, Decadence which has very recently arrived in Australian stores.  As I was making my way through Myers on the weekend, I was greeted by a wall of emerald green bottles in the shape of handbags complete with gold chain and black tassels and was immediately attracted to the luxurious packaging (the marketing worked on me!).  I’m fairly picky with my fragrances, usually sticking to my timeless Chanel No. 5, however I was intrigued and pleasantly surprised with the scent of Decadence.  I’m not great when it comes to describing scents but I’ve read that the top notes include Italian plum, saffron and iris. Bulgarian rose, Sambac jasmine and orris root form the heart of the perfume, while the base includes warm liquid amber, vetiver and papyrus wood.

TROUBLEMAKERS | Just this morning, one of my coworkers was describing to me how difficult it is to get ready for work in the morning with 3 children under 5 years of age.  Then, I watched this video of two panda cubs in China making absolute havoc when their pen is being cleaned – it’s definitely a must see!  Now, I’m not sure which may cause more havoc – toddlers or baby pandas?

HIS STYLE | I’m always on the hunt for stylish, work appropriate outfits for my man and I recently reposted this photo on Tumblr from The Northern Gent.  Navy is always a winner, in my opinion, especially when contrasted with tan – such a classic combo.  Shopable links below for those interested in creating a similar look!

Happy Monday,
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Weekend Musings No.2

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I can’t believe the week has just begun and it’s already crazy busy!  I recently received a promotion at work and moved into a exciting, new role.  So far, I’m absolutely loving it.  It’s a faster paced environment, which means it can be stressful at times but at the same time it is very rewarding.

Over the weekend, we experienced some very wintery weather here in Melbourne with storms and rainy weather.  This gave me a great opportunity to catch up on some lovely reading, so here’s a few highlights…

WATCH | this incredibly Go-Pro footage Italy from Above shot by 21 year-old, Lukas Kusstatscher recently showed up on my subscription feed on YouTube.  A M A Z I N G is an understatement.  Sometimes, we need a reminder of how majestic this world really is.  It certainly makes me want to jump on a plane and go to Italy ASAP!

CYCLE | I’m currently on the hunt for a bicycle.  I loved cycling and mountain biking when I was younger and I’ve been thinking about purchasing a bike and getting back into it.  My Dad is a massive cycling addict – cycling up to 60kms some mornings so he has been really helpful in choosing a bike that’s suited to my requirements.  So far this Osprey bike or this Reid one are on my favourites list but I’ll keep you posted on which one I decide on!

KEEPING WARM | with temperatures dropping, I’ve been on the lookout for a new winter coat for this season.  I need something that’s super warm, durable and will compliment my working wardrobe. I usually purchase a black coat but I’m thinking about mixing it up this year and going for either a grey or camel colour but I’m still on the hunt as I haven’t found the one.  Although, I’ve just noticed CUE just released a new selection of coats for this winter and Karen Millen also has some great alternatives as shown below.

QUOTE | “we must stop and find time to thank the people who make a difference in our lives” – John F. Kennedy

GRACEFUL EXIT | handing in your job resignation can be a tricky process.  It is so important to remain tactful throughout the entire process not only to your reporting manager but also to your colleagues. If there is one thing that spreads quickly throughout a workplace it’s usually rumours/drama/gossip.  So when I recently pinned this article How to Resign from Your Job Gracefully I wanted to share it with you.  Even if you are not planning to resign anytime soon, it’s some great advice to have on hand.

Happy Monday,(1)

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Have a wonderful week xx

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Weekend Musings | No. 1

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And just like that, Monday has arrived.   It certainly doesn’t take long for the weekend to wrap up and the routine of the week to kick in.   I’ve really wanted to add a new feature to the blog where I can share bits and bobs of things I’ve found over the past week that I’ve found interesting, fun or informative.  So here’s to a weekly feature Weekend Musings!

Here in Melbourne, we’ve been treated to a relatively warm autumn so far which unfortunately came to an abrupt end this weekend.  The temperature dropped and I found myself appreciating the extra blankets in the early morning!

EXCITED | For several years now, I’ve used Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner on a daily basis.  As a business owner and busy mum of three, Emily knows that good organisation starts with a list… and a planner!  I’ve really loved, the simplicity and design in the Daily Simplified Planners and was super excited when she recently release a set of new covers – I still can’t decide between the Fuchsia Dot or the Floral!

INSPIRATION | I recently read a blog post How to Stay Focused by a blogger, Hitha On the Go.  In this incredibly fast-paced society we live in it is so easy to loose focus and become distracted.

QUOTE | In the long run, the sharpest weapon of all is a kind and gentle spirit. – Anne Frank

ESCAPE |  Undoubtedly, like many others, I have loved being able to enjoy Julia (of Gal Meets Glam) and Thomas’s travels throughout their European adventure.  Best of all, I love Venice.  I’ve had the opportunity to visit many countries throughout Europe bar Venice and after reading Julia’s latest posts, it’s definitely going on my list.

LAB OF THE WEEK | For those who don’t know me, wouldn’t know that I have an obsession with animals in general but in particular, Labradors.  I was very blessed to grow up with a beautiful golden Labrador and the love has only grown since then.  So it goes without saying that this weekly column will most certainly feature a lab.

Happy Monday,.jpg

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Have a great week,